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From mountains to beaches, we’ve got it all. And that’s just the nature!

You’ve probably heard this before: nature in New Zealand is like a magical fairy tale land! If you haven’t heard it then you may have seen it in one of the Legends of the Ring or the Hobbit movies. Here you have everything from fine sandy beaches to snow-capped mountain peaks. Nature is well preserved in the large number of national parks that make up more than 30,000 square kilometers and there is a great variation in the landscape.

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New Zealand has everything, for everyone!

We’re just going to give you a sneakpeak of one of our favorite places to go in New Zealand. 

Abel Tasman & Kahurangi National Park

Golden beaches, magic rainforest and salt baths in crystal clear water. Taxi boats take you out into the paradise of Abel Tasman National Park. You can go for a swim among the seal seals at the seal colony, paddle a sea kayak or hike to the organic hotel of Awaroa Lodge and enjoy a mudcake before the boat takes you back to Marahau. Tolkien lovers should make a detour at the top of Takaka Hill to barren Canaan Downs. The feeling of Midgård is physically tangible with rock formations ringlandes like dragon ridges. Several detail scenes from both “The Hobbit” and “The Legend of the Ring” were recorded around the deep-seated Harwood Hole and the claustrophobic cave system Ngarua Caves.

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